Sketching at the coast

My first career was in graphic design. I trained at Bristol Art College, where I qualified with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. I then moved back to Berkshire and for many years I was employed as a book designer for a major publishing company. I later formed my own design company, which gave me the freedom to rediscover my love of art and painting. I first exhibited my paintings in 2007, and have taken part in a number of successful exhibitions since then.

Over the years I have worked in oils, acrylics and watercolours, and striven to develop my techniques in all media to widen the scope of my painting. Recently I find I’m painting more watercolours mixed with acrylic inks and love the vibrant colours and marks that come from these two mediums together. Painting is filled with so many new discoveries and challenges for me and it keeps evolving – never standing still. That’s why I’m so hooked.


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